New audio interface card

Hey guys/gals - happy NY! I recently found out that the maker of my audio card, Echo Audio, has effectively gone out of business and don’t support my Layla 3G anymore. So I think I should be looking around for a new one. I heard that the Lynx Aurora hardware is good (but pricey). Anyone had any experience with it?

- MT

I remember back in the early days of music interfaces you could find web sites that did engineering reports on the various interface cards. Lynx I was beyond the ability of the testing hardware to give measurement. IMHO M-Audio has been best/fastest keeping up with drivers for various operating systems.

I just checked on line and Echo Audio is still in business. They still list drivers, although they seem to have stopped at Vesta for many of the units. My Layla 24 still works fine after 20 years. The site shows a 2016 trade mark

RME…anything by them. These guys just released drivers for Windows 10 for every piece of hardware they have made in the past 10 years. Even if you own a piece of gear that is no longer in production you can still get a driver for it. Now that is customer service!

I just installed the new RME Fireface 802 in the studio. Dual connection, USB OR Firewire. Haven’t had a chance to record more then 2 acoustic guitar tracks with it yet. Kicking myself for not having moved to them earlier.

Another route, Vintage King has a MADI/SSL deal going. 1 Solid State Logic 16x4 16in/4out), and 1 Solid State Logic 4x16(4in/16 out) with Madi card and cables for $1700.00 for the package. You add your preamps. These usually run about $1500 apiece without the MADI card and cables.


Yes - they are still there but they are “effectively” out of business in the pro-audio arena. Their web site clearly states: “All pro audio products have been discontinued”. They don’t support my card anymore, hence this post.

- MT

Midnight toker< Good to know. I guess I missed that. I have an old unit (Layla 96) that works with Window 7 64 bit pro. But as you say there will probably not be any Wnddows 10 help.

Lynx are still active and I know some pros that use them but you have to buy the interfaces (PCIe) and converters to go with them.

Overall I thik RME has been the most solid.

I am currently on PreSonus FP10 which they stopped supporting 3 years ago, but still the Windows 7 drivers are valid and the card is running fine.

If you’re looking at stability and longevity - go RME.