New Build 1950 for..

for ASIO users…

It looks like Flavio has a LaborDay build for the ASIO driver Users…


yeah, i reported that bug to him about 1500 times (sorry flavio!), but now it’s looks like the beta will work for me and not crash… so now i can do some testing that involves actual recording. :) up till now, all of my testing has been simply opening the app, rearranging/tweaking my n-track workspace and opening .sng files recorded in older versions. had alot of bugs fixed just doing that. i feel confident enough to start recording a new song with the beta and see what turns up.

i’m a little suprised i didn’t hear anyone piping up about the asio crash in the forum… are there not alot of users with an asio driver? or maybe the bug was isolated to little old me?

Hey dimmer,

I use ASIO driver ALL the time. The bug never struck me. Just lucky I guess? My card only has multi-channel capabilities using the ASIO driver. WDM driver is stereo IN/OUT only. So it’s a good thing it didn’t affect my system eh? :)


all i had to do was close all of the mixer strips, then close n-track and try to open it again. if you never closed the mixer strip on the left you would have never seen the problem. if i acidentally closed that window, reinstalling the beta would set it back for me.

Hmm… no I wacked the permanent mixer strip first thing. I use the track pop-up mixer OR open the console view. I don’t leave the main view open that often though… hmmm… weird bug I guess.


yeah, i prefer the little arrow that pops up the track mixer. i like my workspace for displaying as much waveform as possible.

i’ve noticed recently that clicking on the popup mixer arrow doesn’t pop the mixer up near the track you clicked on anymore… it brings up each pop up mixer in the same place? i’ll have to do some more exploring to see what’s going on there…