New Computer here, How do I get My N back?

I hope I can get my N Track Back…My Pc bit the dust, Now I’m On windows 7 :) …Can I get my N Track Back?

It might be a question Flavio can answer… I’d write him some mail using his support mail address…

Is your operating system 32 bit or 64-bit… ????


Hey … thanks for the responce, I’m a 64 bit man now, and ready to Rock

N Track has always been good to me :agree:

This Is My story, And I’m sticen to It…I shut off my good ole computer, an It would not start for me… So I too It to the professionels, They said, Daner, Its time for a new riggens… The Mother board Is dun like toast :( Yaaaaaa , But they saved the hard drive.
I must say I like this windows 7 better than the Vista, I’m on a 64 bit now ??? ???

I have bee thinking Of getting the ole fiddle out and playen a tune for Pappa :D
And also mabey playing some Blues with that Ole Les Paul that I have hade sinse the 70s
y voise Is not the way It usee to be ,but when I get going It all sounds good to me

Daner from the Rock

On the top of the N-track site are tabs (on the site, not the forum page) - one is labeled Support. There is a link to request that your lost registration be sent to you.

Download it from the main page, put in your registration codes.

press Record and ROCK!

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Thanks Guys And Gals…Thanks N Track, I’m Up and running again :) :agree: