New File Sharing Site

And a Link to My Recordings

I recently discovered a new site that is designed to store files online for back-up purposes, but it is also good for sharing files. It is at You’re given 1G free storage, it has a nice clean interface, but most importantly, it has NO ADS.

Here’s a link to My Recordings, all covers, all me, and all n-track recorded. Feel free to review and comment (or not), however, I’m always looking to improve. I’m just in this as a hobby to make music, I just wish my vocals were better.

My Recordings

Do check out And, no, I’m not connected with them in any way.

Hi valrecorder:
Thanks for that link… I’ll be looking into this one for sure… For those who are interested in this I have one to add-to-the-pot… You’ll find it Here among other links to some interesting stuff… I haven’t gone to this one yet but sometimes these storage spaces don’t allow some file extensions, among other constraints… We’ll see… on these storage places…


Bill, great site, thanks for the link.