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Forum restored after hacker attack

I’ve finally restored the forums. The forum and the website have been hacked on the 24th of August, which forced me, while I was on vacation, to reinstall the whole server. I’m sorry that the forum has been down for so many days, at first I had to restore other parts of the website and then I waited to see if the hackers would try to hack it again. It is likely that they have exploited a security bug in the forum script to gain access to the whole server. Hopefully the security patches I’ve now installed will avoid this to happen again.

Flavio Antonioli.

Thank you, Mr. Antonelli. This is some valuable real estate. It has been missed, and I am grateful for you taking the time and effort to make it available again.

:D THANKS, Flavio!! Your Forum is an enjoyment and a great source of tech info for me.

Bill Hopkins
Quote (Flavio Antonioli @ Sep. 08 2004,11:25)
I've finally restored the forums.
Flavio Antonioli.

Thanks for taking the time to restore the forum Flavio! Sorry that happend!

well done Flavio - :D :D :D you deserve three smileys for getting the forum running again -

with respect- DR J

Wonderful … It’s nice to have this place back up and running again.
Many thanks to you and your efforts Flavio.
Take an extra vacation … You deserve it. :D


Thanks Flavio for bringing the forum back on the track again.
You deserve a great applause :)
Kind regards Henrik :;):

Thanks Flavio. :cool:


Many, many thanks!

It raised a bit of a cheer from me when I clicked on my toolbar link and didn’t receive the redirection today.

Awesome work there. :D

Back in business… - Wonderful!

Thanks, Flavo, for keeping this board alive despite stupid folks trying to ruin it, and thanks to crankz1 for letting out the news over at

Anyone of you made any interesting music while this board was down?

regards, Nils

Um, I hate to be a party pooper, but could the forum go back to putting the newest posts last?

Seriously - I like it better this way & I think you will once you get used to it.


Bravo, amico!

I was having n-Tracker’s withdrawal when the forum was dead.

Great work, my friend!

Don Gaynor :D

Thanks Flavio for getting the forum back up and running. The withdrawl was worse than trying to kick coffee…

I do agree with Bubbagump. Could an option be made on this thing to choose where the latest post goes? After reading this forum for years, its really hard to change direction of reading. It’s like trying to get use to reverse polish notation calculators when you’re so use to the “normal” type.


I’m delighted that the forum is back up. I guess I am just too old to understand the desire of some people to distroy the work and enjoyment of others.
Got to add my vote to those that wish we could have the first entry come up first.

Thanks, Flavio,

I’m so glad to see the forum back up.
I personally like having the first post first and the latest one last. That way, I can read the thread in order rather than going to the bottom and working my way up. It seems more natural that way. Just my $.02 worth!

By the way, 4.0 is working great for me! No major complaints yet!


Flavio, you rock!!! The forum is back the way it used to be - new posts at the end. But the option would still be nice. Again thanks Flav.


Thanks Flavio!

It’s good to be back.