New here...and newbie question

Ntrack interface

what type of interface are you guys using for recording?

I’ve seen the “medussa” looking sound cards, single channel firewire interfaces, and multi thousand $ multi track mixers…

I’m looking for what’s best for the non pro, who just wants to record the whole band with total track control

…and Hi to everyone!
I’ve been using Ntracks to master my mixes from my digital 8 track, but I want to get into the program more…

How many tracks do you want to record at the same time? How many discrete outputs does your mixer have? Does it have direct outs? Are you planning on recording during a live gig or in a studio setting?


at most 8 tracks at a time…that’s 6 drum mics and 2 others for guitar/bass/or vocal…before mixdown

could do 4 at a time with premixed drums…

project/home studio setting

If you think you’ll need 8, you’ll need 16. That’s a basic law of recording. I think George Martin discovered it. :)

I use the Presonus Firebox (firewire) but it can only record 3 tracks at one time 2 mic or instrument ins, and 1 midi in.

They have a bigger brother version called the Firepod that has 8 inputs (combination of mic/instrument and mic/line level with midi in).

Just a heads up with these units. I had a #### of a time getting the Firebox setup properly, lots of dinking around, and have heard similar things with the Firepod but it’s a great interface when you get it going.

I’ve had very good results with the M-Audio Delta 1010. No problem with drivers - this things has always just worked. It has 8 channels and if you find out you need more you can get another unit for 8 more channels. It comes in two versions. I have the more expensive one with the external box and if you can spring for an extra $150 or so I would recommend going that route.

many thanks…I’ve got some shopping to do I guess…

Have a look at MOTU and EMU aswell, some fellas here use these and swear by them. EMU in particular.

Check the ESI ESP1010 as well. a little better specs than the maudio 1010, plus you get 2 preamps, with the option to use them or the line in inputs for ch 1 and 2. Nice. Very low latency as well.