New Line 6 USB interface

Toneport GX

I looked at a few different
USB interfaces in my local music store. After a lot of consideration I bought the toneport as it has the advantage of being used as a straight interface or using the amp modelling and effects in the gearbox software.
I had a play with it last night and found the AC30, Bassman,and Marshall models sound spot on compared to my Valvetronix amp. I haven’t used a lot of effects as yet but most are pretty good and there is a good choice. “Insane” is a really high octane wailing lead guitar model that really sounds cool.
Ive only recorded one instrumental but are pleased with no latency issues and sound quality. The other great thing is recording can be done silently with headphone playback/recording monitoring so other outside noise doesn’t matter unless of course you are using a Mic.
N track is the only recording program I have on my computer that will talk to the gearbox software straight off without changing any settings etc. Audacity, Reaper,and Acid pro 7 aren’t talking as yet but I guess they need a setting changing somewhere.


Im new just registered my ntrack demo today.

Ive also just bought a pod XT Live. The sounds are pretty kool.

What do you mean about ntrack talking to gearbox? Im recording from the XTLive USB out put into my laptopwith ntrack.
Are you recording thru the gearbox software some how?


What I meant was the Toneport isnt recognised by any other recording software I have except N track.

I just got a Toneport DI a couple of days ago.
I’m not sure about Reaper or Acid, but I have played with it a little using Audacity.
I’m now through with that experiment and won’t be using these two together.
N-track is working well.
To get it to work with Audacity, you have to download the Audacity VST Enabler plug-in.
This “enabler” lets Audacity, which supports LADSPA API, use VST plgins.
Unfortunately, it will/can NOT load the Gearbox interface.
What you end up with is a window with 20 to 40 adjustable value windows (depending on what amp, effect, etc you select), that mean nothing to the user.
For example, there will be a window titled “Amp Model”, but instead of names, it’s a 8-12 digit number that you can adjust up or down.
There is a window for every adjustment/setting of every device.
There may be a place to find what numbers are equivalent to what amps/cabs/effects/controls/etc, but it’s this way on every amp, cabinet, effect, model, etc., etc… It’s just a ton of windows with numbers in them.
To me it’s not worth the effort/hassle to try and figure this out.
I’m sure the numbers for every model, effect, etc would have their own values, so you would have to have a notebook of tables telling you the numerical equivalents of every selectable item in Gearbox.
So, for me, Audacity is now in my recycle bin.


Audacity is just a very basic audio recording software. I find it good for the visual part of editing the final mix and doing the fading in/out etc.