New material from new band

comments please!!

i havent been around for a while, i started doing a lot of electronic and synthesized material as a solo project and have recently gotten serious about my “Rock & Roll” again.

This track is from a band i am in, we havent got a name yet (music first then a name), but we have written several songs and gotten around to recording this one and the parts of several others.

I am playing all the guitars and basses except for the little lead dolittle,which was played by our other guitarist. our drummer did the drums.

I recorded this in my basement w/ n-Track through a noisy yamaha mc1202 mixer and two mics on most things (an ADK SC-1 and a cheap Carvin SM57 knock-off). i used some reverb and my newfound (yet limited) knowledge of EQ’ing. My computer speakers are crap and i could use some input on the levels and how to make space within the instruments. i know that i need to cut and boost some frequencies, but i am not sure which ones on which instruments.

my speakers have absolutley no stereo image (all center) so i could use some panning advice also.

Absolutely any help is appreciated!!! please dont hold back, i have been using n-Track for about a year, but still fail to understand the whole chain of recording. Also any advice for future recordings is greatly appreciated.

here is the link

thanks for you input

Love to commet on the song,

Only one problem, I can’t play it.
It’s coming up as a winamp media file. I’ve had nothin’ but trouble with winamp, so I got rid of it.
If you could post the MP3 link I give it a go.

That way I can just copy paiste it into my browser and Windows Media Player will play it for me,



it comes for me as a dl box for an mp3.

i do not know how too direct link in motogator. i will try to ask pasher, its his site.

thanks for your time


Hey Swen,

Sounds great, nice clear mix. The pan of the drums bugs me (personally), it seems like the drums are all on the left side. And I like the little “Ahh-ah” at the end…

I was able to download the file, but not stream it. I had to download to desktop and then play it from there.


I liked it a lot. Very clear. What are your 2 mics? I agree about the drum panning, they all seemed to come from the left, it was ok on a stereo but headphones would be deadly (as in bad).

I like the song a lot too, great arrangement. If you were in my area I would definitely come to a show (but my money is I’m no where near you guys). Reminded me a little of Sunny day realestate (which I like).

Post some more when you have it.

oh yeah one more thing. The file worked fine for me (it started downloading in firefox no problem once I clicked didn’t even have to do the right click and save target file thing).

Jeremy I tried it in IE and it gave no problems either (it gave me a open or download option). Winamp obviously took over your file associations. To fix that go to tools->options then the file types tab, make sure they are all selected. The fault of the link not working is your own, at worst you should complain about winamp stealing the assoc, but in the setup of that program you can choose to have it not become the default player for every media type.

Also if you are running winXP you can go to the start menu then “set program access defaults” which is also available from going to the control panel then “Add-remove programs” on the left there is a button that says “set program access defaults” and make sure WMP is you default if that’s what you want to use. As an option i’d recomend foobar2000 I’ve run it sucessfully on very slow computers (so it’s not a resource hog like some media players) and it seems to be stable as ####.

Actually if you installed that and let it be the default for all audio types it would most likely fix your problem.

i am using an ADK SC-1 small diaphragm mic for most stuff, w/ a carvin sm57 knockoff for a different position.

i like a lot of bands that like sunny day real estate, but i have never heard them, i’ll have to check them out. i will check on that panning. as i said, my mons are crap, so i may not be hearing what u hear, but i will check the pan in N-track

p.s. dubbreak: i am just south of dayton ohio. where you be?

Ok guys I got the song to play.
Aren’t rock songs supposed to have words?
Anyway, my 3 year old just kept yelling, “Stop Playing that song daddy!!!” she tends to like songs with vocals, go figure.
Anyway, it does play if you have DLS or better. Since it is a hi-fi link. I guess the people on dail up don’t matter, oh well, I tried guys.-been there done that. I would estimate it would take about 40 minutes~an hour to download on dail up, before one could play it.
Sounded great to me though! :p

keep trackin’ guys!


Played for me. Mix is a little noisy. The song sounded like Cream when it first started. Sounds like a backing track though, like a song with the lead guitar and/or the vocals missing. It could use a melody.

I would estimate it would take about 40 minutes~an hour to download on dail up

OK first I think you mean "dial up". The song is only 3.51MB. That's about 3600KB. When I was on dialup on a decent site I would get upto around 9KB/s DL's, so lets say 5kB/s to be fair. That is 720 seconds which is 12 minutes. Even at 3KB/s it would be 20 minutes so your estimate is garbage.

It's a 192kbps mp3, 128 would make it smaller but harder to establish nuances and get a good feel for the mix. A 128kbps ogg/vorbis would be good, but that requires a pluggin and most people would have no clue, and it's another download. Real audio can be smaller, but oftern it trashes parts of the audio and it requires a 5.41MB download which is larger than the mp3 you were complaining about, so that's a no go for someone on dialup by your standards. I won't even go as far as mentioning windows media format since it's as big as mp3 and it means only people with windows can play your track.

It seems for anything good you say you have to criticize something first.

Aren't rock songs supposed to have words? ... "Stop Playing that song daddy!!!"

Then you go on to say you like it..
Why not just say you like it but vocals would have added to it. He wanted a critic on the mix not how you can't figure out how to download a simple link and that you have a crappy internet connection.

I think it sounds fantastic. I like the fact it has no vocals. Vocals can destroy really good songs. It’s a bit repetitive but very emotional. Anyone who says “songs MUST have lyrics” is a fool and knows NOTHING about music. Keep it up!