New "Midi Fixes" are causing alot of headaches

I just updated n-Track, which I try not to do too often since the updates always seem to mess something else up, and now my piano roll midi files wont play back properly or at all in some cases. Please stop fixing what isn’t actually broke. I want to revert to my previous version of n-Track but that doesn’t seem to be an option either so now I get to re-record everything that is messed up or won’t work.


sorry for the issue. Could you please send one of the sng files that shows the issue to, or otherwise a short video explaining the issue with more details?
If you’re using n-Track on a desktop PC or Mac, you can download previous versions at: Older versions


Brother I love Ntrack like noones biz but man it’s getting to the point where I’m almost about to voluntarily breakdown and go with a different DAW. It seems like everytime I update versions to the next build that all my eq presets get wiped away and as Daniel said it usually causes more stress and more importantly robs us of our time as well as doing the exact opposite of what I’m sure you guys are trying to achieve. I’m completely up to date and now seemingly at random, my individual track meters will unprompted in any way just decide for me that I need to be monitoring in peak exclusively and when that happens not only does the meter stop registering anything at all it also mutes the remainder of the part. I have to manually reset every track, bus and master meters everytime i open a project. I’m sorry to be dragging on but brother this is the worst performance Ive ever gotten from this program and its really starting to wear me down, kill my momentum and worst of all putting me in a position of possibly having to learn a completely new workspace if things don’t get back to quite a bit better than the current state they currently are. Please just find a way to put us all back on a productive and much less stressful footing while working with Ntrack. We would all be very appreciative if you could make that happen. Thanks man, Roger


I’ve reproduced the issue with the mixer level meters not remembering the peak/rms mode, in 9.6 they always revert to peak when the level meter is created. The next update due out in a few days will fix the issue.
Please let me know if you find other issues.


My bad Flavio I didn’t even realize you had replied. Well heres my next issue. Im on the build that you spoke of in your June 13th reply, not the current one which is the latest build right now and for some reason after I’ve armed my midi tracks, have good signal good monitoring while recording etc., there is zero data writing in the timeline nor any playback of freshly recorded midi parts. What gives??

just did most recent update and it still isnt recording my midi performances into timeline 11: 06 AM 9/22/22

I don’t know, maybe there is something that is not configured correctly. Maybe you could post a short video showing what’s happening. Are you recording with a midi keyboard? Are you sure that the track is correctly armed for recording? When you say that there is a good signal monitoring, you mean that the instrument track is receiving input from the MIDI keyboard? Or is it an audio track that is receiving input from the line output of an external synth?