New Monitor feature

what’s it do??

Anyone know what the new “monitor” section (in the “select audio format” dialog; v4.1.5) is about?

All I managed to do with it is create a zillion error messages.

C’mon people!
Someone must have noticed this??

I believe that section is soundcard-dependent. At least, it is on my setup, but I’m still running V3.3. Did you add a new soundcard at the same time you upgraded?

Anyway, when I use my MOTU 828, I have this monitor section, which allows N to control the soundcard’s built-in mixer to provide zero-latency monitoring (direct connections in the soundcard rather than software-based monitoring). While my built-in cards also have this feature, it doesn’t appear under “select audio format”; instead I have to open the Windows mixer (“View -> Soundcard’s mixer -> playback controls”) and adjust the line input playback level there. (No problem, of course!)

Not sure what’s new in V4.1.5, but hopefully I’ll be loading it soon and maybe can help more.



I believe that section is soundcard-dependent

Yes, it should be anyway.
I have to admit I have been playing around with another soundcard (of which I’m not sure it has a hardware monitor function or not).
But the option is showing for my old and tested soundcards too, while these definately don’t have a monitor function.

I presume that the drop down menus below the monitor buttons list the available channels to monitor in the Motu case? (with me they’re empty).

Could anyone running build 2033 with soundcard without hardware monitoring please check the “select audio format” dialog, to see whether the monitor option is there or not?
I need to know if this comes from the newly installed drivers or from n-Track.

Hi hansje:
In the drop-down menue under VIEW then to audio format there appears a screen that I believe adjusts for Monitor level e.g. A two I/O card allowes for independent levels Left and Right… Repro… / Monitor…

I haven’t played with this yet… But I think that is what this screen will allow you to do… If that is a case… This will work just fine for the Lexicon Core - 32 hardware, I have, in the studio… There’s a bit more to this than what I’ve seen so-far… And cards that don’t recognize 24-bit files, and all… But…

Here’s a copy-and-paste of what the help file says…


You can select which recording and playback format to use in the dialog boxes that appear clicking on the settings button in the playback and recording vumeter windows.

Playback and recording formats are set independently, you can for example record in 24 bits and playback in 16 bits and vice-versa. Likewise the format can be set independently for each input and output device, clicking on the Settings button of each device’s vumeter.

The input and output format dialog boxes let you chose the input or output format:


16: 16 bit format, supported by almost any soundcard
24: 24 bit packed format
24 unpacked: 24 bit format in which the 24 bit of data are memorized as the rightmost 24 bits of a 32 bit block
24 unpacked left justify: 24 bit format in which the 24 bit of data are memorized as the leftmost 24 bits of a 32 bit block

Stereo/Mono: Number of channels

Asio settings: opens the Asio settings dialog box (the button appears only when using an Asio driver)

Setting that appear only on the recording format dialog box (that appears clicking on the settings button on a recording vumeter):

Stereo -> two mono tracks: allows recording two separate mono tracks (corresponding to the left and right channels) from a single stereo signal. This option can be used to record two instruments playing together (for example recording a singer playing a guitar, creating separate tracks for the vocals and for the guitar), each of which is connected to the left or right channel of the soundcard’s line input connector. If the two instruments have line-level output (for example a guitar amplifier and a keyboard), this connection can be made combining the wires properly. If one or both the instruments are not line-level (for example microphones) this kind of recording is typically done using a mixer to preamplify the signal and to route the instruments to one of the stereo channels using the mixer’s panning controls.

Enable Live input processing from this input: when Live input processing is active, this input soundcard will be used only if this option is checked.

Is this what you are refering to?


That is the dialog I’m talking about allright Bill.

What I wanna know is this:

1. When you look at the right part of the dialog window, is there a section with 2 sliders, 2 buttons (labeled “Monitor”) and 2 drop-down lists?
If so:
2. What build of n-Track are you using?
3. What audio interface(s) are you using?
4. Are the drop-down lists empty or do they actually give you a choice?
Thanks for your trouble!

I just noticed this feature when I installed build 2033 the other day… tried to play with it a bit, but couldn’t figure it out. And the help file and manual doesn’t refer to it. And the drop-downs are blank. The audio cards I’m using is an old Terretac EWS88 (8 in, 8 out) and the onboard 2 ch. Hope that helps. (I think this feature is a work in progress…)



Hope that helps.

Sure that helps. It’s reassuring at least :)

Hi hansje:
I forgot to log out…

I just got home from the afternoon run…

The Editor DAW I have has two audio cards installed in the setup… One is a 24-bit I/O card and the other is a 16-bit I/O/ card… Each one has just Left/Right In’s and Out’s. What appears is a level control for each out-put…

I’m expecting to see One level control for each output that I configure on the P-4 studio DAW… Lets say, I configure the Lexicon Core-32 to contain 8 I/O’s … I am expecting to see 8 monitor level controls on that screen… However, I don’t have build 2033 installed on that Daw, as yet… If someone who has build 2033 installed on a DAW with say, a Hoonteck STA-2000 or something like that, we’d have our questions… answered… I have a Hoonteck STA-2000 set-up on my P-111 DAW, in the studio… But I’m in the middle of a BIG issue… with that machine… I have build 1980 currently installed on that machine… As well, I have build 1980 installed on the P-4 set-up… with '98SE, as it’s desk… I gotta get in there and get “Crackin” on those machines…

I stand corrected on this statment…

I am assumeing the the audio card must support independant Left/Right audio level adjustment… for this feature to work… Well…

If we only knew what audio hardware Flavio uses… I know… this question was asked many boards ago… As far as I know, no-one knows the answer to this question… It may be a good thing… not to know…

We wouldn’t wantta get caught with an audio card that works… lol… hehe… :laugh: :p Would we/ ??? Sorry, Flavio… We just wantta know what tooth paste, you use…