New, new browser

laptop surfers or not :slight_smile:

This is a very impressive browser.
For surfing on a laptop and using tabs. It’s a single click icon top right.

VERY INTRESTING is the built in translator.
Give this one a test drive too.

Cool browser but buggy.

Yet another new browser. Not as cool as Avant but more stable. :p Which one is it? :laugh:


:laugh: nope, It's about time ya woke up! I was beginning to think that you had thin skin

You know better than that. Been watching grandkids.

Yep, definately know better than that!
Well I'm
back in Avant.
This is a cool browser.
They got me straitened out at their forum.

I'm thinking that the avant "c" skin would suit you well in colorado
Flock is pretty cool too!

To all you other browser nuts out there where ever you are. IE8 does it fine.
Remove unessary toolbars, add a list of sites you want to open as tabs. And with the quick tab view I’m happy as heck with it! Peace! I suppose firefox can do the quick tab view too.

I let Apple updater install Safari the other day just to see… Instantly hated it. I guess I’m just an old dawg don’t wanna see no new “tricks”.

Firefox does it for me. It’s fast, it’s stable and I love the ergonomics of the GUI. shrug


Quote: (Diogesneez @ Jun. 26 2009, 10:50 AM)

Firefox does it for me. It's fast, it's stable and I love the ergonomics of the GUI. *shrug*


I just added the "Fox Tabs" add'on, so now I'm happy with firefox too!
It's the laptop thing, less right clicking and cursor scrolling the better with a laptop.
I don't want to have to go to file then scroll on a menu. One click does it for laptops, firefox is cool again! :agree: