New Ntrack user requests feedback...

Hi there…

I posted a couple of songs on soundclick and I could use some help/feedback with the mix. In particular I’m having a hard time EQ-ing the acoustic guitars and figuring out the right level of compression. I know the vocals aren’t that great but singing isn’t my forte :)


Hard to tell with an mp3 on computer speakers, but I likes what I hears. The bass sounds a bit weird on 99th Day. As I listen to it, it strikes me as a good weird.

What makes something alt country, anyway? These songs would have qualified as psychedelic once upon a time. :)

Thanks for the listen… I think the bass may be a little to trebly (slapback sound). I might make it less bright.

I tend to pick genre labels at random (since I’m not expecting to sell boatloads of MP3’s :D )… Alt-country seemed more promising than “European Light Opera” or “Moldovian Folk Madrigals” or some of the other categories found on these sites!

I dunno - the Moldovian Folk Madrigal Scene is pretty hot here right now.

Seriously, I can’t give you intelligent feedback unless I put it on something other than computer speakers, but I liked what I heard, and the general idea of the slappy bass is very cool. Distinctive.

Hey E.P.:
Very cool songs! I got a real greatful dead vibe from them. I really like the sweeping slide (or steel) guitar sound on Ninety ninth day. Your vocals are fine. The bass sound is good, the only thing I would do differently is maybe clone the bass track and add a little more bottom to it and then mult it or blend it back in with the original track and strike a good balance between the two. :)