New Equipment 1st Live Recording RAW MIX

OK so i just bought some stuff uhh a Delta 1010lt and a Behringer UB4224fxpro with 8 direct outs and sampson 7 peice drum mics and n-track studio 16 bit i mic’d the guitars with shure sm58 and the bass ran direct this is a LIVE un mixed song i had and i think it came out well. I have to mix it on saturday becuase my pc kinda died it was old and had abuse tell me what your views are on here BESIDES that the guitars are thin and if you reccomend and effects to widen and thicken up the guitars we recorded this all in one room and everyone is on their own track i only hit the mixdown button and compressed it so that i could let people sample it for my studio…PLE.mp3

please tell me what you think

Love the drum sound,

nice dbl-kick work - good drummer!

Lead guitar could be louder I think.

If it were me I’d dub in 2 rythm guitar traks and pan each slightly to get that fat round heavy (a la Metallica) heavy sound (of course no good if you want to maintain the live recording aspect).

I enjoyed this - doesn’t sound like, but reminded of an instrumental like ‘Orion’ or something…

I also liked the snare drum poppy sound for this type of song -sounds very tight - nice!