New Song... a work in progress.


Thought I’d post something here as I have been using N since v2.2. It is a work in progress so any imput is appreciated. I now need to get in and finish it.

On this one I have used FruityLoops v3.5.2 to program the drums and synth parts. The synth is Sampletank Free v1.1. The guitar is direct into the Mackie mixer from my Digitech RP200 and the Bass is direct into the Mackie as well. I’d like to get a Behringer V-amp for the bass. No plug in FX have been used in this version.



Excellent work!

As a composition, the song makes sense: its mood, its rhythm, and its style.

My one teeny criticism has to do with mixing. The snare could be more prominent in the mix. All the other pieces in your drum kit’s arrangement are loud enough, but adding a little more volume to the snare would drive the song even more, I think.

Working with n-Track, if your snare (and only the snare) is on a separate track, rasing its volume should not be a problem. I am not familiar with the drum kit (synth) you use, so I don’t know if each drum sound can be separated out and mixed together, or if it comes out as one “whole” rhythm section.

If you can extract just the snare from your existing midi (or drum kit) and create a wave file of just that and add it to the mix, you could easily solve the volume problem. You would essentially be doubling the snare. As you probably know, doubling the same tracks in n-Track makes them loud. Or simply create a new snare track, using the same speed settings as your original and lay it over the exisiting drum track. Either way, your snare would become more prominent.

Terrific job, in my opinion!


Thanks for the compliments Emmett. I do all the drums in Fruityloops and can increase the volume of any of the individual sounds and samples.

I have a friend that is a great drummer and I will eventually replace the sequenced drums with real ones.

Bill :cool:

Oh, man! I’m looking forward to hearing that, Bill. Real drums? Do they still exist? :D This song will definitely fly then!