new song direct guitars

hey all,

check out my band Varia’s new song work in progress. (all done in n-track)

now the thing here is all guitars are recorded via my GT8 direct (cab sim). I am going to “reamp” them but volume at home is an issue. they sound pretty good as is so I might just keep it but will do the reamps and post again to see what difference it makes.

next is to put a real bass track in (bass here is a guitar and a pass batch on the gt8) and the main vocals. this week I hope!

hey all, added a real bass (woah!) and reamped one of the guitar parts through my 333xl. makes it sound a bit more “real”. other guitar is still GT8 direct (i might reamp that as well). check it out!

vocals next (probably next week). this song is really about the vocal so it’ll make all the difference, plus there’s an EPIC solo and a few other cool bits to add, but its starting to come together. as usual, all n-track, all the time… :wink:

Great sound. Tight playing. Really sweet drum recording job.

Quote: (TonyR @ Oct. 11 2012, 2:49 PM)

Great sound. Tight playing. Really sweet drum recording job.

Thanks. The drums use the drumagog plugin although i also use the raw mic recordings for overheads and hi hats. this is the 2nd time i've recorded drums and i learnt a lot last time (and this time as well) both with respect to how to mic a kit to get drum replacement via drumagog to work best, and where drum replacement won't work (or is difficult) and therefore where you should be using "real" drums in the mix.

also last time i forced our drummer to play to a click track which she hated. this time we did it live and it was much easier for her (and I). this track was her 2nd take unedited. recording is as much about handling the talent as it is engineering the sounds... ;-)

Nice work - I’ll look forward to Ari’s contribution - fantastic voice.

Now with GUITAR SOLOS!! :p

Check out 2:00 and 3:30. Vocals next. We are doing vox at a studio rather than at home simply because of noise concerns. Stoopid straight laced neighbours… :wink: I will still be doing all the mixing/production etc in n-track at home.