New song:  Good Shepherd

Hi there… I posted a new song on soundclick you can check out. Its a cover of the old traditional “Good Shepherd”, originally performed by Jimmie Strothers and recorded by Alan Lomax in the 1930’s (it was then called “Bloodstained Banders”), and popularized by Jefferson Airplane 30 years later.

This will probably be my last post for awhile… vacation plans are calling and I’m looking forward to trading my guitar for a mystery novel and mojito. :)

Good Shepherd

Damn, that sounds just like my Uncle Moe after he’s hit the bourbon - thanks for the childhood memories!

Kidding! :D

You should let me play my ric in your band, really loudly. :)

You really captured the feel and sound of late '60’s.
Had to get a long hair wig, head band, tyedyed shirt,holy jeans and sandles with a big ol peace pipe to listen!
Herbal Essence! It’s not just shampoo.
Nice Job JM :D