New Song Sunday

album blog part 6

This is song 6. Lots of instruments and voices in this one tend to muddy the mix near the end.

6. Don’t Try (blog entry; wma)

Apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Hi KBub, very good tunes and mixes. Only thing I could say would be more seperation on a couple tunes.
Bass and acoustic guitars sound very nice!
Excellant job recording!

Thanks for the kind words, Yaz.

I totally agree with your comment about separation. I really struggled on these recordings with masking and mud. Everybody is competing for the 200-500Hz block in these tunes, and I wore out the eq knobs in n trying to alleviate that. But thinking about your comment (and listening to your recordings), I’m wondering if I should have let stereo placement shoulder more of the burden. I focused almost entirely on the frequency spectrum with near criminal neglect of the stereo spectrum. :-7

Did you have a particular remedy in mind for improving separation?

Thanks again!


Hmmm, like on the tune Body Of Mine, Vocal, kick, snare, bass, and keyboard are all pretty much centered in the stereo mix. Acoustic sounds very nice across the spectrum. Maybe moving keyboard panning wpould help a little. I know it’s hard, I have to listen to my mixes a 100 times to see the big picture. Giving everything it’s own ‘space’ helps with a lot of eq problems.
You still have a great sound! I really like the vibe of ‘Body Of Mine’. :agree: