New Song: Walk In The Dark

It’s been awhile

This is a song I did for the “Same Song Title Madness” thing at

Basically, they start off with a bunch of title submissions and then vote it down to just one. Then people go out and write & record a song with that title.

I’m no vocalist, but they do encourage you to write lyrics (to help tie in with the title), so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Anyways, this is the end result:

Walk In The Dark.mp3

Towards the end, my computer was barely able to keep up. In fact I’m having some issues with it freezing about every two minutes. It has made this project an incredibly tedious endeavor. I could probably spend some more time on it, but I’ll wait until I upgrade my system.


Hey Chris,

Good to see you back recording again. Great song! Don’t worry about the vox, sounds fine. If anything I think you can cut back on the effects on the voice a little.
When you actually get around to finishing a song ( not a critiscm, I just know how many unfinished pieces you have :) )you have a real flair for writing. If I were you I would not fade the song so early and add a solo at the end. Knowing your playing style I could hear it in my mind,
Great work,


Ok Mate,

Gave it the ultimate test! Burned it to CD and played several times in the car.
I think because you don’t consider yourself a singer, you’ve buried the vox in the mix a little and as a result some of the lyrics are not too clear. From what I can hear the vox sound fine with no off key moments. Bring them forward in the mix. It’s your song so express yourself. Seriously! The vocals sound fine… Let’s hear them!
It’s another great song!