New Song

Probably Our Best Quality Yet

This is a new song we’ve just done in n-track. we use a bass guitar for the first time, a little out of tune in the song, but ill redo it at some point. in general what do you think of the song? the sound? and tips for the future? we are only using low cost material, a cheap computer mic, whatever we can find basically. thanks
Never Look At You The Same (link to site)

I really enjoyed the song. I didn’t even notice the vocals were from a computer mic.

The bass guitar sounded fine to me. A cool thing to do is experiment with bass guitar tones. It can really affect the song in a big way.

Anyways, it’s a good song :)

Hey that sounds pretty good for a computer mic.

Song is good to.

I really like the beginning. Especially the guitar part.

I’d maybe put a bit of reverb on the drums to make them sit a bit better. They sound a bit out of place when they come in.
Or maybe pull them down a bit until the rest of the band kicks in…

Once the band is all playing the mix sounds good though.