New Song

New Song comments please

Hi guys,

Blue June

I’ve been a lurker for quite a while, but I have been dabbling with quite a few songs and decided to throw one out for you guys to listen to. There’s no bass in this mix, the left guitar is simulating the bass line. I also did a rough cut of vocals.

What’s your take on the song, structure-contentwise? I’m not too terribly concerned with the quality of the recording/compression/blah blah blah (will worry about that when we start doing live recording via miking. Does everything mesh well? What should I work on!?! Does our vocalist suck? I’m always up for HARSH criticism. I want to get better, and am in the process of recording this live.

would like to hear this filled out more… doubled/pannel guitars, bass and vocal harmonies would be nice. some of the vocs remind me of silverchair, i like his sound. song is a little long for my taste.

like the sound of the drum samples, but it just needs a little more work to make it believable… some extra cymbal work in there to mix it up maybe… some patterns in the chorus sound empty… maybe try adding a ride or record a real tabourine or real shakers in there somewhere.

in terms of the writing, my favorite part… the most “hooky” is the section from 2:58 -> 3:20. the part right after it i think needs the harmonies or something else in there. “blueeee juuuuuune”. awesome song.

Well, we do a heavier cover of ‘Day Tripper’ before this, and the segue is what you’re hearing at the front.

I suppose I could reedit the length, I’m using a pretty big format, bordering on too complex.

Once we do track by track recording live, I’m going to have two guitars, a bass, and multiple vocal lines. And a real drummer! I so can’t wait to try it…

I think I know what to do in making the size smaller, and I might not have to do crazy editing. I guess I’ll get another version up once we do it live. :)

Thanks for your input! This was written by me, and I have so many ideas, I was just seeing how this format could be used by my fellow band mates. We’ll get something better out there, it’s not done yet!