New to Audio: Information about Software

I’m new to creating audio files and need to create mp3’s for simple podcasts at work. It was suggested on a web site that this software was well designed for creating mp3’s, but difficult to learn.

Can anyone provide any insight? If you’re familar with creating mp3’s (which I’m sure you all are) do you have a suggestion for software that might be useful for what I need to do?

Many thanks in advance!!

N-track will do the job. Really, it is no harder to use than any other recording software. Unless there is a hardware/software conflict when you install the program on your computer, you are likely to be up and running with little difficulty. And if you do run into installation complications, the folks on this forum will probably get you straightened out quickly. People who say that one piece of multi-track recording software is harder to use than another are usually really telling you which one is most like the recording software that they first learned, or most like the one that they use most frequently.


Are you saying that you need to create new audio files for podcasts or that you simply need to convert existing audio files into the mp3 format?

If you need to record new files then n-Track is your best option. It’s straightforward and easy to use and it will do everything you need it to do. Like any program there’s going to be a learning curve but it’s quicker on n-track than just about any other recording software.

If you are just converting existing files to mp3 then n-Track is overkill. You can find several free mp3 converters on the net that will do this job very easily. I use a program called DB Poweramp and it works great.

Thanks for the info.

Yes we’ll be creating new mp3’s, and some of the folks are ludites - so we’re trying to find the simplest solution as possible. I appreciate the feedback.