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Question on Demo

I am evaluating the demo version on n-Track. So far, I think I like it, it’s the first recording application I have used that I actually got SOMEWHERE in the direction I want to go. But I am now running into issues and can’t tell if the problem is related to the fact that I have a demo copy or I am just stupid. ok…

Problem 1: More of a gripe. When I setup a new audio track, Name it, setup up all the inputs etc. great. After I get done recording, I get another track added to my list without me asking for it… I heard giving is good, but having to delete this track every time is anoying.

Problem 2: I madem y own click track using a metronome. (I know I can use a built in software one) but humour me here… so track one is a flawless, virtuoso performance by my yahama flying saucer metronome. Ok… so I create track two, and record some Guitar there (acoustic via mic… Tascam US-122 recording ya da ya da ya da) Ok… that seems to work great. I press play and I hear it and the click track. So then I create another track and when I attempt to record, or even play the whole thing, I only hear the click track. The whole guitar track is gone. When I delete the third track, I can hear the guitar again. Now… I know that I got message saying only two wave files per track (which isn’t listed on the web site as being a limitation) But from what I can gather, I am using 3 distinct tracks…
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Hey mando! Welcome to the fun!

#1 Click the little Hammer icon on the Recording Vu meter. Select Whether you want one stereo track or two mono tracks. For what you are doing, I’d choose two mono tracks. Now, click the RED LED thingie on the Recording Vu meter. Here you can set how to record the track(s). It’s pretty self explanatory once you see it.

#2 You may have to adjust the Direct Monitoring control on the Tascam to hear what you are playing and the recorded material playback. Check that out and let us know if it don’t work.



Welcome to Ntrack…a GREAT piece of software. You are going to encounter many situatutions where you will want to seek the advice of this forum. There is hardly a software that is 100% intuitive as they must appeal to many applications by recordists.

Just keep bringing your questions here…you aren’t doing anything wrong, NTrack isn’t doing anything wrong, and your USB interface is working just fine: they just need a little tuning up with eachother and then you can head down the Golden Road.

You are going to love NTrack! Keep in mind, it has many adjustable parameters that can be tweaked to one persons needs, and then to anothers…you’ll choose yours along the way. `

Yeah. What he said! :D :D

TG – thinks n-Track ROCKS!!

hey skippy, and welcome to N.

I believe the demo is crippled by allowing only 2 parts per track. There no such limit in the registered version.

I haven’t used a demo version in ages, but it’s possible there’s an additional limitation of 2 tracks total. Again, no such limit in the registered version.