New to nTrack - Everything is screwed!!

Problems using nTrack

I am experienced with Cooledit so I am familiar with this type of software.Just downloaded and paid for nTrack. Lots of issues. Hope you guys can help a little

nTrack 4 Build 1846
Windows XP Pro, 2.4Ghz Pentium, 160GB HDD, 1.5 Gig RAM, Clean installation of Windows less than a week ago.
Also have 2x Layla20 cards installed with Layla Card Drivers.

1. Make a session with 1 track (one of the Layla strips). I can record this 1 track but when I press “stop” it automatically creates extra blank Audio tracks underneath the one I have recorded. Why?
2. When I start the Layla Console (this controls the input levels for the Layla channels) I can no longer get the input signal in nTrack. (whereas using Cooledit it works fine)
3. Make a session with 4 recording tracks. (all from my Layla cards). It starts recording but when I press ‘Stop’ the program just hangs up (everytime) and errors with that “Windows has encountered a problem … blah…blah” dialog box. This one is really bad as it just shuts the program down.

I have reinstalled the program but to no avail. Now I wonder if I have wasted my time and money with this.

I’m sure most of you guys are fans of the program so some suggestions to get me up and running would be good. I am a professional programmer so you can assume I basically know what I am doing.

What drivers are you using for your soundcard? WDM or ASIO?

Issue 1 sounds like you have both left and right channels armed for recording. In the input VU monitor window clickon the red button and only enable the channel/s you want to record from

Issue 2 - If you are using ASIO then only 1 app can access the card at a time - maybe you are using WDM with CEP which will let moew than 1 app access the soundcard at simultaneously. (I don’t think CEP support ASIO…)
Try using WDM for N-Track

Not sure about #3 but if you are using ASIO and change to WDM for the reason above it may make a difference here.
Otherwise could be that there are updated drivers you can download from Echo…


1. That sounds logical. I will try it.
2. Using WDM from Layla and only using one appication (nTrack). What is MME and Direct Sound DS. Should I be using these? I dunno.
3. ????

Hi !


Direct sound DS sounds like it might be worth a try.
Silly question - you have downloaded the latest drivers, yes ?

I used CEP 1.2 before I ‘converted’ to N. It integrates with windows and use your windows drivers nicely, but it doesn’t give you al the options.

Install the latest drivers (if you havn’t done so already) and then play with different drivers.


I’ll go and check if I can find a little bit out about this.


I’d stick with WDM out of the 3 options you have.
MME will have higher latency. Direct Sound will too.

I’m not sure what you’re layla control panel does, but I only use my soundcard control panel to set the latency as I use ASIO. If you are using WDM you can set your buffers in n-Track’s buffer settings.
I have all my input levels in teh soundcard control panel up full and then just adjust the level of mysignal going in to make sure I don’t clip.

Mayhbe someone with a Layla card/s can tell you how they have theirs configured…