Newbie:Add effect to one section of an audio track

I know this is probably a simple question to answer, but I am new to PC audio editing. I can add effects to an entire track with no problem, however I want to add delay to only a section of a guitar track. I spent about two hours trying this and just about pulled my hair out the other day. If some kind soul could please give me instructions on how to do this, I would be very grateful.

Do you know what and aux send is or how to use them? You will want to put your delay in an aux channel and set it 100% wet. Then, use N-track’s draw function to send a signal to the aux channel only in the section of the track you want to have delay. Be sure to turn up the aux return level too. That is all there is to it.

Thanks for the timely response. I am familiar with aux sends in analog mixers and such. If I am using the built in effects in N-Tracks, do I also use the aux send? It sounds almost like I am creating another track, of just the section I want the effect on.

yes, use the aux send.

set the aux send for the volume you wish to have. now when you draw aux envelopes, a line at the bottom is muted, a line in the middle is at unity gain (the same volume as the aux send slider) and anything above the middle is adding more volume to the send-up to the maximum you have defined in your envelope preferences-typically 10 db more.

Do this.
open the mixer.
put a delay in one of your auxillary channels
set it to 100% mix.
turn up the send for that auxillary channel on your track strip.
turn up the return for the auxillary on the master to the appropriately level.
close the mixer.
change the draw volume envelopes to aux send # (whatever auxillary channel you used)
you’ll see a line straight across your tracks.
on the track/s you set up the auxillary sends already adjust the envelope to match your desired output.
ie, the parts you don’t wish to send, set the envelope at the bottom.
the parts you want sent at the volume you set with the slider, set the envelope at the halfway up point
any parts you want to increase in volume, set the envelope higher than halfway up.
turn off envelope drawing,
you’re done

you can also “fade in” your delay like this, just draw a line from bottom to middle gradually raising.

Or, a work-around if aux seems too complex…

Clone the track, adjust the start and end points of the cloned track so that it’s just the section you want to apply effects on, set up the effects on the cloned track and draw a volume envelope on the original track to silence that portion.

Aux is probably easier and is probably something you want to know about, but there is usually more than one way to skin a cat…

…though I could never figure out why someone would want to skin a cat in the first place!

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...though I could never figure out why someone would want to skin a cat in the first place!

To count how many ways they could do it.... :laugh:

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