Newbie drums question

drum track, best way?

Hi guys,
I’ve used the software by miking amps before, but I’m just learning how to work with MIDI. It’s really cool and I’m enjoying the process a lot, but I’m having some trouble creating a drum track (among other problems, but I’ll start here). I’m able to use the note tool in the piano roll section to build a very primative rhythm and I can also use the ntrack drum machine to build a cool rhythem I like. However, I’m not sure how to utilize the stuff I create in the drum machine by putting it in a track or into the note editing section of the piano roll. What’s the best practical way to approach building a drumtrack with this software? Thanks for any help.

By the way, I just got an Oxygen 8 v2 midi controller yesterday and it had no instructions - does anyone know of a good source or website that offers some basic tutorials? I’ve figured out some of it by myself, but I know I’m either doing things the hard way or missing out on cool stuff entirely. Thanks again.


I do a lot of midi drums but not n-Drums - someone should be along shortly with some help though.

Your oxygen software package should have some great info in it on use and FAQ’s. If they’re even sending a disk these days. Make sure you go online and get the latest drivers also. The ones sent with it are most likely already out dated.

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In the tips and tricks section you will find the n-Track Drums tutorial, which is pretty good. That being said, drums for me is the hardest part to get right and I think anyone will tell you that you just have to sit in front of the 'puter experiment and take notes (really - cus once you find some way of doing something, you got to write down what you did so can repeat it.)
You can load (your own) samples into each of the cells in n-Track drums. They do not have to be drum samples. They could be a recording of you beating TonyR’s drummer for example. You can also assign a key or key range to trigger that sample from your Oxygen controller - using the edit button on the cell. One approach might be to get a bass/snare groove recorded to a midi-track (using Midi-standard keys
38-snare). Also remember, while inside the piano roll - you can change the grid to display for example - 32nds
This is a fairly good setting for adding some fills to your midi track by inputing in the piano roll with the mouse (step-editing).
For myself, I will use EZdrummer, drag a groove to a midi track. Then copy that groove out for however many times to fill out a couple of minutes of playing time. Then I will use a second instance of EZ and record using an AKAI mpd (drum pad) while the first instance is playing - to add cymbals and fills etc. - Then I will either merge the 2 tracks or mix down to an audio wav.
There are just so many ways to do this. Some folks feel that N is not the ideal platform for doing drums. But it surely can get the job done - if you dive into it.
High learning curve - and best to keep a notebook for a while. Remember with a sampler like n-Track Drums - you are not limmited to just drum samples. This alone can take you to insane places. Some people never come back.
There really is nothing you can’t do.

Thanks guys,
I watched the video in the tips section and it was very helpful.

Hi HD. Heed the words of 7 of 11! Use a note pad. Three months ago I thought I new everything about n-TDrums. But! I take so long to get a track done that I have to repeat the learning curve every time I start a new one :laugh:

Thanks guys. I’ve figured out how to create drum sequences in ntrack drums and load them into the cells of the piano roll. However, now I’m trying to simply create a drum rythem by plotting individual beats onto the grid with the note tool (in other words without the use of the seperate ntrack drum sequencer), and I can’t get the various drum sounds onto the vertical axis of the piano roll - I’ve normally got the visual piano keys which I can right-click and change to note names or numbers, but when I select “General midi drums” I just get a blank grey space. Plus, I’m thinking I don’t even have the correct output since I’m hearing bells and stuff not associated with drums.

The weirdest part is I’m sure I was able to this before.


Add midi track - select track properties by right clicking on track name and select channel 10. Then open piano roll and you should see the midi standard drum names.

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying, but I must be doing something wrong cause theirs nothing coming up at all (just a blank grey background) - I can see note names and note numbers when I switch settings, but no drum names.

Any chance the problem has something to do with the “Instruments” button in the properties section or the channels it seems to refer to? I’m a little fuzzy on how channels work.

On the piano roll right click on the grey area and you should see;

Select General Midi Drums from the Note names set drop down menu.

Yep, that’s right where I am - but the specific drum names/numbers in the lower, bigger window are not populating there either (when I select “General MIDI Drums” in the drop menu, the lower “Note names” window is blank). So I don’t have the drums in the note names window or the verticle axis of the grid that it refers to. hmmmm. Any ideas?

What I ended up doing was goin into the numbers mode and playin each sound noting on a legal pad.
Made my own chart. Of what sounds per number.
There is a standard chart but I found that varied a little and wanted it precise.
Once you have the numbers you can go into the n drummer and assign the number to the pad.
I’m doing this from memory but I think you click on the e icon for the pad and when that drum dialog box opens enter the number and also click enter on your keyboard or it won’t save.

May call for a re-install of N. Seems it’s not finding the map files.
Should have a file in your n-Track folder called banks_default.txt

I really visualized that n-Track Drums’ tutorial and I’ve found it interesting. My problem ie that I’m a newbie and I’ve just afforded the version 6.0.7 (build 5230) and I have the feeling that the tutorial concerns a past version. I am unable to display the MIDI Track Properties’ dialog box. Whenever I right-click, or when I just click on menu “Track -> Track Properties”, nothing happens. No dialog box appers, so I can’t assign any new channel !!! Can anyone help me go further on, please ?