Newbie: midi controller

just got an oxygen 8v2

Hey guys,
I just got an Oxygen 8 v2 midi controller and it came with almost no instructions whatsoever. I can hear it when I’ve got ntack open and I’m able to create midi tracks with it. However, I’m really fuzzy on a lot of the basics: I seem to have three basic functions: presets (which I basically understand as a group of settings that can be applyed to my controller), global channels (which I’m not sure of), and program (which displays in the screen as a decimal number and changes the sound of the intrument substantially with each setting, though I’m not sure of what the numbers refer to specifically).

My controller also came with Enigma software which includes a library of settings that I can download to my controller. I know I’ve had some success with this since I was able to control the volume and panning of a particular instrument after sending settings to my device, but even when I used fairly obvious effects like phaser or flange, I could hear no change to the sound, so I’m doing something wrong.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a good source for understanding the practical basics of using a midi controller, that would be super helpful. I’ve used ntrack for old-school recording (miking instruments) and I’ve been picking up this midi stuff pretty good so far, so I’m confident if I could get some basics of the controller down, I’ll be off and running. Thanks.


Did you download the manual?


Oh man, I didn’t - thanks a lot.