Newbie needs feedback

Hi all. I’m new to this forum and could use some constructive criticism. The song is called “Big Bus Blues” & will be appearing on my friends Dori Evans upcoming CD. Her husband actually wrote the song and sings the lead as well as plays drums. He didn’t want to record it but his wife insisted. So my job was to record this song in my basement with some “not quite high end” equipment & turn it into a professional recording. I’m not too concerned with the song or the performance issues (unless, of course, you like them). I’m more concerned with recording & production quality feedback. Be brutally honest - I won’t hold it against anyone. Click on the link “Dave & Dori Evans - Big Bus Blues” on my webpage to download.BTW, that’s me on lead guitar.Thanks in advance.

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After one listen, this is what comes to mind:
- Muted highs, bass heavy mix
- Everything sounds mono except the harmony vocals and maybe the keys
- Lacks sparkle, not much guts
- Some bass & drums timing problems, should be an easy fix

Without knowing what you have to work with, it’s hard to say how you should approach an eventual remix.
Do you have everything on separate tracks, ie. how did you record this ?

Thanks for the feedback. I used a 6 track mixer into 2 track stereo. I recorded drums first. Then bass and acoustic guitar. I then mixed them in to a stereo rhythm track. It’s funny, when I play this on my CD it seems that there are too much highs. What software were you using to listen to it on? If it’s Internet Explorer’s media player - it sucks.