Newbie question

volume decrease

I have just downloaded the latest version demo and like the look of the software.

However, my test voice over audio tracks decrease in volume steadily. After starting at a normal volume they gradually decreases as I move into the track. I have checked this over and over by speaking at a very constant volume, but this always occurs.

Is this a limitation of the demonstration version, in the same way that the audio has the organ sound inserted? Or is it something to do with the audio settings settings?

I am using an Edorol UA-25 USB soundcard, and Audio Technica 831B condenser lavalier microphone using phantom power fromt eh Edirol. However I’m getting a similar result when using a simple microphone headset plugged into the on-board microphone input of my Toshiba laptop.

I am not getting this effect when using the demo version of Acid Music Studio 7

Any ideas please?

THIS might help - right click in main OUTPUT METERS - select CLIP if SOFT CLIPPING IS SELECTED UNTICK IT

Hi Poppa,

Thanks for the swift response. Unfortuately this brings no improvement. The actual wave form appears ok; it’s just the monitored sound gently dies away and then remains at a very soft level.

Mixed the track down to a wav file but that too sounds the same as the preview. Strange; I’ll persevere and experiment for the moment


Uncheck the option to reduce track volumes as tracks are added.

Fading down DURING playback may mean there’s an inadvertent volume and or pan curve on the track.

thanks Phoo - that was it :) despite removing all “takes” from my test tracks, there was obviously a curve still remaining somewhere from my earlier tests.

Starting a completely new song from scratch and everything is ok

Thanks for that; your comment reminded me of my earlier tests on adjusting the envelope! Now I can continue with my evaluation of the software.