Newest build - more stable than old versions?

Over 500 views and No votes!

I guess 7 votes out of 500 views is close to no votes…

BTW, I have using the new builds as fast as Flavio posts 'em. Very few problems have cropped up. I’m working on two tunes right now… one with about 20 stereo tracks. The other has about 10 so far… all at 24 bit 44.1 khz.



I guess 7 votes out of 500 views is close to no votes…

If anyone votes once they can’t come back and vote again. When the poll was started 2065 was the latest build available, so the questions were not really answerable yet.

Here’s how I’d vote if I were to be able to vote again and why…
X Build 2065 - very stable (It IS very stable on my machine)
X Build 2065 - not as stable as old versions (Yet, this is true also. V3 Build 1516 was the most stable)
X Using newer build than 2065 - very stable (I find this to be true as well)
X Using newer than 2065 - not as stable as old versions (and compared to V3 build 1516 again)
Quote (bax3 @ Mar. 22 2006,18:22)
Over 500 views and No votes!

Becuase guys like me are quietly waiting in the shadows for more of a representative sample... AKA, scared to death to move from the stable build I am currently using.

EMU users: SO this build is playing nice? I see two references to tthis build working well with the EMUs. Any others?

Hi Bubbagump:
That reply may have been O.K. to use back in v2.xx days… But Flavio has the install issues behind him now… I just installed build 2066 a few minutes ago… It’s up-and-running like a charm… And you know what… If you do find an issue with the build you install, you can go backward with the install… You just have to go the the build you choose… as long as you have IT somewhere in your folders… I have every build I install in a folder… before I run the “install .exe”…

But haveing said that, I’d really hate to see something happen to your setup because of something I suggested to you… regarding an n-Track upgrade…