Newest Recording With nTrack 6

Sorry I have been missing for the past couple of months. I took a little break from playing and recording. I finally got back in to the “studio” in my basement last weekend. My 14 year old son started playing guitar a little over a year ago and has really taken to the instrument. I have been super impressed with his natural ability. He is definitely better at playing than I was at the same age.

I thought it was time to record him to see how he would do. Of course, he is really into rock music and he wanted to play a cover of Guns n Roses’ You Could Be Mine. I put the drums together and recorded my bass line over it. All guitars were played on my Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. He played all of his parts on his Epiphone Les Paul and mine were played on my Schecter Hellraiser. He is the rhythm guitars on the left and I am on the right. He performed all the leads too. In fact, he blew me away with his ability to improvise a bit. He played through the tune one time before we recorded. When he went back to record the final leads they were a little different than the practice ones. Very cool. I’m proud of him. Check it out and let me know what you think:…%29.mp3

I was so pumped at the finished product that I decided to record a version with just me playing the guitars including all the leads. I decided to play the leads in the same improvised manner:…%29.mp3

In case you were wondering how I recorded everything, here you go. I used a Maxon OD-9 to boost the rhythms. In retrospect I wish I wouldn’t have done that. I felt it compressed it more than I wished. Oh well!

My recording chain is as follows:

Guitar -> OD-9 -> Rocktron Xpression (for delays) -> Mesa Mark IIC+ -> Bogner OS 2x12 -> Shure 57 & Sennheiser e609 (combined) -> M-Audio Mobile PRE USB -> nTrack 6 (DAW). Bass was recorded direct through the mic pre with a cheap Yamaha into a Sansamp Bass DI. Added a little flanger to the bass guitars. Drums were created in midi and sampled with Steven Slate drums. My setup is pretty basic (and ghetto) compared to most but I like the quality I get out of it.

That’s great. How much does he practice? Lessons? You must be very very proud. :agree:

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 24 2009, 5:50 PM)

That's great. How much does he practice? Lessons? You must be very very proud. :agree:

Hey Tom. No lessons and he practices on his own about 4 hours a week. I am most surprised at how his timing is coming along.

Very nice. He is doing fine. No lessons? He has you to learn from and jam with, I’m guessing thats a good a lesson as it gets.

the kids got real talent there for sure…I
´m well impressed.

Best wishes


I agree, sounds very good. :) :)


Great little track, I love how the bass lines up with the drums, and the classic style riffs, very rockin stuff, you both got some hot licks in there!