nice freebies

Thanks Tom.

I think I have one or two of those, but handy to get the whole load in one package.

I’m still looking for that “make my mixes sound professional” plugin.

Ooh! Cheers, Tom. These look chunky. Any use on XP?

Quote: (TonyR @ Mar. 07 2011, 1:18 PM)

Any use on XP?

Tony, the couple I used were fine on XP.

Ooooh Tom I really like the Blue Cat’s Gain Suite! :agree:

midi automation and remote control of the gain level…sweet! :O

I left some more plugs in another thread for you too.


Dunno about Xp, but I can’t imagine they would not be. The frequency analyzer is really nice, except the labels on the freq are weird. It’s log, but the grid is evenly divided and has labels for weird frequencies. I needed one of these for my son’s science fair project and did not want to pay money, and this was the best I found. There is also a simple gain control in there, and I’ve been following the advice we got a couple of weeks ago to stick one of these in front of compressors and such. Unbelievable. It works. Neat. I like learning new things.

Plus this week is spring break. :laugh: :agree: :laugh: