No file extension when recording wav file


I recoded some audio on n-Track 9 and when I went to convert it to am mp3 it wasn’t there. Then I worked out it was because the .wav extension was missing from the file name. I tried a few more time and made sure that the file format was set to .wav when starting the recording, still the same result, no .wav extension on the filename.

I’ve been able to record .wav files and convert to mp3 up until to tonight. Then all of a sudden, tyhis problem started. I also noticed that since this problem started that when I press record, the curor starts moving on the timeline before I enter the filename and press save.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but still no good. Now it also has a problem with the soundcard when starting up. Any ideas why this is happening. I’m mainly enquiring about the .wav extension problem.



did you by any chance activate the ‘Ask for names of wave files to be recorded’ in the Preferences → Options box? If it’s checked try to uncheck it, or to keep the option active you need to manually enter the extensio.
If the problem persists please try renaming or deleting the app data folder, usually located (on Windows) in
C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\n-Track Studio 9


Hi Flavio,
Yes, I’ve always had the 'Ask for names of wave files to be recorded’ in the Preferences activated since I installed it and didn’t have the problem before. I also deleted the C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\n-Track Studio 9 folder and that’s when the problem started where it has an error message about my sound device when starting up.
Somethings gone wrong. It works ok if I type the .wav extension. I’ll try to install an older version and see how that goes.


Edit: I just did a complete re-installation of Windows 10 (completely wiped HDD) just in case it’s a Windows problem or some n-Track setting stored in the registry.
I reinstalled all my drivers and n-Track Studio 6, 7 and 9. version 6 and 7 work ok but not 9.
Also now my registration for 7 doesn’t work so I put in support request.

What doesn’t exactly work in n-Track 9? If you’re referring to the recorded file names, make sure you add the .wav extension when you type the name. We’ll fix the fact that the wav extesion is not added automatically in the next update.