No sound / signal in 2nd track...

Hello all!
I have the following problem:

I want to record my instruments track by track. So guitar, bass, drums, etc. one after the other - all real instruments.

So I record the first audio track (guitar).
Now I create a new track and want to record a bass in addition to the first track.

Unfortunately this does not work! On the second track I get no signal (no input).
All settings are identical to track 1, but there is no signal.
Track 1 is on play, track 2 is on record. But the VU meter shows no signal and the monitor stays muted.

I am using a Presonus 2x2 audio interface. In Studio One the recording works fine.

What is the problem?

Many thanks and best regards

Make sure that track 2 is armed for recording and set to record from the same input channel (say Input 1 Left) that you used to record track 1. You can set the input from which the track records on the left side of the track, with the drop-down box with the “I” on the left, and arm the track for recording with the small circular rec button.


Hi Flavio, thanks for your answer.

I know what you describe, of course - I’ve been working with Studio One (Presonus) for years.
My approach is always the same: I record track by track. The already recorded tracks are played back and another track is recorded and so on. I always record with channel 1 (left).

In nTrack I have the problem that I can select the channels (left or right), but no signal arrives. And this has nothing to do with the record button - no matter if armed or not, no signal comes (but I see my interface and can also select the channel).

Last night I spent hours working on this and noticed the following: When I create a second track I get no signal on it. If I switch several times between the tracks, then it sometimes works. If I play track 2 and switch back to track 1 (because I want to record something), then I get no signal on channel 1. And so it goes back and forth all the time!

And another thing: If I get a signal again (by accident!) after switching between the tracks several times, it is totally distorted.

Again: If I start Studio One and record there, everything works fine! No matter which track, no matter which channel - it just works.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?



the signal comes into the track that is armed. If you mean the live signal, besides being armed the live echo button must also be active (the speaker button next to the rec-arm button).
I’ve never seen an issue similar to what you described. Please contact and we can do a remote assistance session to investigate the issue.
Please include info on which version of n-Track you’re using, which operating system and what kind of audio drivers are you using (if you’re on Windows).



Hello Flavio,

thank you for your reply and for offering to connect me with support.

Now I suspect that something is wrong with my iMac.
Next week I will reactivate my old Mac mini and install nTrack there. I will let you know if the malfunction occurs there too.

I would like to work with nTrack - especially for vocals. I hope it works with the Mac Mini.

Software: n-Track Studio 9.1 Extended (freshly downloaded this week).
The operating system on both Macs is Catalina. The computers have 12 and 16GB Ram and are equipped with SSD. For interfaces I have a Presonus 2x2 USB and a Behringer X18 (the X18 has an 18x18 channel USB recording interface).

I will let you know if I have any new findings.

Many thanks and greetings

Sorry, on the iMac it’s High Sierra, on the Mac mini it’s Catalina.