No vsti drums in beta 5?

Tried to play with n-drums in beta 5 (build 2123), but they don’t seem to be accessible.

I’m trying to add them as in instrument channel, but nothing is listed there when Add New Instrument Channel is selected. (When I copy the screen to the clipboard the balloon showing “none” disappears.)

The dk+ and library folders, with contents, are on the hard drive and in the proper directories, it appears, but the n-track drums don’t seem to be accessible from within the program.

You should be able to change n-track Preferences so that it looks for Vsti/Vst on the same locations as V4/3.3. That should make the drums Vsti appear in V5.

Thanks, I’ll try that! I’m really excited about getting back to N-tracks after not being able to get my old DAW working with my Alesis io/2 in N-tracks 4. Had to go to Cubase LE for a while; I prefer N.

So far, except for the drums issue, beta 5 has been pretty smooth (with very limited use) for me.

Again, thanks!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me after all. I point it at the same folder, “none” is still listed under Add New Instrument Channel.