problem editing inf. vol. nodes.

Hello. Are you experiencing any problem when moving nodes to the lower band volume line?.

I can
´t move them. If I put a node in the lower line of a volumen or send automatition track (Vol. inf.) It
´s impossible for me to move it again from that position (for example move it up in order to give it more vol).

Also. When two nodes are set at the low side of a track (Vol. 0) the line between them is set right on the low line of the waveform track. Well, I have no way to add new nodes too in that part of the line.

Could you please check it out in order to know if it
´s a problem of my configuration or a bug?

Thank you!

Does the zoom level affect things?

No. I have put it on max zoom and nothing.

What make it more strange is that upper nodes move right and only lower or lowest nodes can
´t be moved.

The same thing happen when adding a new node to the automatice line. New nodes can only be added to the line at the upper side of the track.

If I press “shift” key and move the mouse over the automation line, a Vol. icon and a “+” symbol appears on the screen.

Then I move the mouse down over the line (following the line) and the Vol. icon and the “+” symbol disappear at the middle (more or less) of of the track.

It doesn
´t happen when I make the same operation moving the mouse over the line to upper direction.

Nodes changes work fine in a new song. I
´m opening a new audio tracks on a new song and works perfectly.

It seems the mistake only happens in big projects (this song has 88 tracks).

very strange…