Noise floor on recording

When I record I am getting noise up to about -45 to -50 Db. Is this typical? I would appreciate information as to what the recordingVU meter shows with your computer audio interface. I'd also like to know what audio interface you are using when you get your readings.

Well… you could do a null test to see if the process is repeatable. Additionally, rendering from 24bit@96,000hz to 16bit 48,000hz without rendering the files out first then converting will cause some floor noise, seen in a null test previous. But if the file is rendered @24bit 96,000hz first and then reloaded and then rendered to 16bit@48,000hz the floor noise is gone. My point being you’ll need to isolate the floor noise to determine if it’s normal or not. On my end, I have not seen any floor noise expect from the situation mentioned above.

Not sure if that’s the answer you’re looking for Bax.


Thanks for the information.
My question: is this normal? What are other folks seeing? If you turn on your audio interface and turn up the trim pot (input volume) to the level you record, with or without a mic or cables plugged in what does the record VU meter in n-Track show? Mine shows a signal of about -45 osolating to minus 50 Db with or without phantom power. This noise is recorded when I record.
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Thanks PACO. I tried to state my question more clearly.