Noise reduction plugin

are there any free ones

does anybody know a free noise reduction plugin?
the only ones i know are the waves plugins and digidesign ones but they are toooooo expensive.

jotb -

I my experience, there is no real reason for needing to use the noise removal as a plugin. It is just as easy to remove the noise offline.

Two “free” programs that will remove noise very well are Audacity and GoldWave. Audacity really is free, but Goldwave is … shall we say “reminder-ware” as it keeps a running count of the cost of the features you have used.

- Ben

CoolEdit 96. In demo mode it allows you to save and do noise remove. The fact that you can take “profiles” of the noice (like audacity) gives good acuracy. I belive that it is a little better than Audacity, that adds to ne “de-noised” file a methalic sound. (you must google it because is not more available at the official page)

Also you can try “Wavepurity”, a cheap audioeditor that have nice noise removal tools (

thanks for the tips, but really want a plugin!

Quote (jotb @ Oct. 13 2004,05:43)
thanks for the tips, but really want a plugin!

Keep in mind that do a accurate de-noise use intensively the cpu. Im not sure you will found some high quality realtime plugin like this offline ones.

You can give a look here, to see what you found

Hitsquad AudioRestoration

Kvr-Vst Noise Removal

well, luck!

jotb -

Maybe if you could tell us WHY you wanted a plugin, it might help us to answer you.

There are several noise removal plugins that work in pseudo-real-time. I know that Sonic Foundry was offering such a plugin in a bundle with some other noise abatement plugins. Check their site out.

Like Marce said, you will always do a better job at noise removal if you do it on the recorded wav file. (Though I do not agree with his assessment of Audacity’s noise removal ability. You just need to turn the noise removal down to the lowest setting).

- Ben

i often do re-mastering or whatever you name it and i did this in protools always with plugins (waves, DINR).
first the NR plug and then the “master FX” so i can hear and if NR amount is enough after limitation eq…
just a better workflow - for me.
and the build in NR of for example cool edit i dont like.<br>but i will try voxengos one.
all the others are too expensive for the use.
i just hoped there is a free one, but it doesn`t seem so.

thanks for your answers!

FWIW, it’s no big deal in Goldwave, not quite as easy as a plug in, but still quick, and it seems to me to be pretty good at it - I’ve cleaned up some pretty bad things with it, and occasionally my friends have actually been impressed. How often does that happen? :)