Noise Reduction

SUggestions for free one’s?

What’s the best option for noise reduction? I was using Goldwave but it’s not working in my new computer I’ve just set up. Are there any other really good noise reduction options out there that are free?


Quote (Sloom @ Oct. 01 2006,19:00)

*sigh, yea I know what google is but I was posting here to get opinions from people actually using any of the software out there with their N-track projects.

I believe Audacity has a noise reduction plugin but I have never tried it. I generally use DC6 for all noise reduction and removal. DC6 has lots of tools just for this process. Of course, DC6 is not free… sorry.


Well, Goldwave must work. Have you asked in their forums? A corrupted download maybe?
I dont remember realtime plugins, but the noise reduction (taking a some seconds of profile ) that you can found in the old Cool Edit 96 is one of the betters. But it´s only 16 bit.
Another software with noisereduction i like, is Wavepurity. I believe it have a free version, just google it.
Well, luck!