not all midi notes are played back

So i recorded a bass track using sfz ,but when i play it back some of the note dont play i can see the vu in the mixer move on them but no sound

Please help Bones

Quite possibly the notes are outside of the range that the soundfont you are using can support. I find it quite common with the bass end of things. I suspect that the notes that don’t work are either very low notes or very high?

Try temporarily shifting them into a similar range as the other notes that do work and see what happens.


well they work when i click on the note just not when its playing back could this stil be the problem?

Is it anything like this:…d+sucks

This is still waiting to be repaired.

I generally don’t bother reading posts that start with “sucks”, so I didn’t read that thread. This subject has come up elsewhere, too. Yes, it’s a bug.

I use n-Track MIDI a lot. Some time this year, and not due to upgrading n-Track, I found I started getting missing events from time to time – though, usually not in very simple parts. It’s clearly a bug and I’d sure like to see it fixed! I’m still running V3.3, btw, since I had a few problems with V4 but that was quite a while ago now. I’ll be trying V4 when I get a new computer in a few weeks.

My workaround is simple, though a bit tedious.

I render the whole track to audio, and then carefully check it for missing events. When I find them, I select a section of the audio (between good “punch” points, e.g., where there are no notes playing) and ^X to delete it.

Then (with grid on) I select all the song but the first measure (or beat, or whatever – according to grid settings) and render again. I find that a different set of events will be lost, and usually I can patch pieces from the second rendering into the holes first rendered track. (I select the replacement section, Splice, and shift-drag it up to the first track. But there are any number of ways to skin this particular cat.)


I generally don’t bother reading posts that start with "sucks"

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.
I don’t generally use that word a lot.
But at the time I was rather stressed and frustrated about it and I couldn’t find a better word to express my feelings in my limited English vocabulary.

Well thats a bummer.=(

No worries. I don’t get offended, I just ignore the posts. I find the best way to combat offensive posters is to ignore them. Your post didn’t fit that category but unfortunately my mental spam filter put it in it. If there weren’t fools who stirred things up, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

We understand the frustration! And it’s OK to voice reasonable frustration in a post (I often say “ARRGH!” or something).