Not Finding Prior Recordings Even After Saving

I like the ease of use of the product, but now I’m having regrets. After having recorded several sessions, when i go back into the program, it tells me that tracks are lost. I click on the FIND button and they are not there. Just several other tracks that were deleted. Now I have put a ton of work into music that is essentially gone and no way to recover it. I’m very unhappy.


I think you’re referring to the message that n-Track gives when you open a .sng file and n-Track can’t find the .wav files that the .sng uses. n-Track never deletes files that are in use by a .sng file.
Perhaps you have manually moved the files to another folder?
Or if you deleted them try looking into your system’s Trash folder to see if the files are there.


I can’t say why you might be losing files.
They are in all likely hood still on your computer, but it is a bit of a challenge to find them.
First a way to garentee that files from a song are together.:
Before you record, use menu File > Save As.
Create or find the directory where you want to save, the place you want to save the file.
Save the file with a unique name in that directory - My wonderful Song might be the name.
.Now all tracks that are created will be saved as
As My wonderful Song in the directory you designated.
A method to find lost files:
The default name for n-Track songs New Song.
Do a search for New Song and select all the files that have the same date.
MOve them to a unique directory.
Another feature to help organize your music is File > Move/Rename song.
Useing this feature you can copy or move all files being used in the current instance of n-Track.
You can also add a name to the beginning of each of the files.