not ntrack but..

somes yalls gunna like it
Well it doesn’t have anything to do with Ntrack, but I thought some of yall might like a Kevin Miller song, a “hit” on SC right now.


Yeah, it was a little into the 2nd verse when I realized who Midnight Boy is…little sad but in a real good way.

I can see him now runnin’ down Old Yeller…

I like it!

Not my usual listening stuff, but cool :agree:


you like it 'cuz he’s from the northwest.


Ange x

I’ll have to play this one for my grandson… lately, he just wants to listen to “cowboy songs”.

Here’s my cowboy song Kevin - dunno if he’ll like it but I do.

I Still Wanna Be A Cowboy.

Oh, he’s gonna love this one. Thanks. :)

Good tune, good playing, but . . .

“I Still Wanna Be A Cowboy” is one of my favorite tunes of all time, nice un Roy! :agree:

Thanx Gabby :agree: