Not Seven's Song Yet

but a different one

I got side-tracked from my original plan today to mess around with sevenofeleven’s song, and ended up with this - “What It’s Like” -

What It’s Like - Click here!

It’s catchy! It seems to me to have a 60’s pop feel, “What it’s Like-a-go-go”. Makes you want to get up and move. If only I weren’t so interminably lazy. Nice work

Yes it is catchy.
Tom…you got sidetracked…do you mean you wrote and recorded this in a day?????

I particularly like the middle section that starts at 47.

Well, uh, I wrote and recorded that in about 100 minutes, actually, Craig. Just wanted to try out the new preamp.
I’m on vacation this week - the plan is one a day until Friday.
We’ll see.
Have some paperwork to do today.
But then it’s afternoon skating I think. :)

Thanks very much for listening, guys!

I just now had a chance to listen - nice job T - harmonies are what got my ear - like the use of the vocal effect too - which plug-in did you use there?

Thanks Tommy - Kjaerhus classic flanger. Or, I don’t remember, maybe that was the track on which I suspended myself from the ceiling and swung myself around the microphone… ???

curious - good ceiling fans can also be used with a wireless mike setup to duplicate a true leslie effect also - two mikes opposed to each other, flipping the speed switch when needed. Good thinkin!

on Craig’s thing I cloned his vocal track - off set it a couple of grid marks then added a chorus to it - but I kept it low in the mix so it’s real subtle on the chorus’ only.

Don’t know if it’s my set up Tom, but I can’t really hear much bass on the track.

Tell me if it’s me chaps so I can adjust accordingly!!

Thats one fast writing technique you have there…

The track doesn’t have a whole lot of low end - the song is built around a bass part, that has lots of double stops high up around the 12th fret.

Of course, the idea of suspending myself and swinging around the mic was John Lennon’s first. :D

Drag was today I had to take one of the kids to the doctor, and you know how long the wait can be. Got nuthin’ done. Well, other than assuring our child’s health.

Was the cloned vox on the test mix you did, Poppa? I sort of wondered if you had done the harmonizer thing. I wish there was a good cheap (like free) harmonizer plugin. Perhaps there is?

Yea T - I put his guitar lick back in too - for ya. Just livin’ with it now trying to figure out if my drummer can pull off the track or if I want to tackle drawing down the kick drum and overdubbing cymbals. What ya think?

Overdub! :agree: