Not working: NTrack9 + Android 10 + Irig Keys I/O 25

Hello. As the title suggests, I am unsuccessful getting this combo to play together. When I plug in the keyboard, NTrack9 offers the USB driver choice. With ntrack’ s driver, I am then asked by ntrack if it is ok to access the keyboard then, after I press ok, the app freezes and the OS asks if I want to wait or close the app. Waiting for a few minutes might allow the app to resume responding. Most times, it remains frozen. When it responds, I get no midi or audio input. The in/out options in settings do not display the keyboard name but four android in/out options. My m-audio fast track device shows up and works when attached.

Using the android driver does not freeze the app but only built-in I/O is accessible and, again, no midi. Only two in/out options are available in settings.

A midi monitor app shows the keyboard functions properly on my Android device (galaxy tab4 sm-t530).

I have read the USB connection document. Does anyone have any success with this combination of components? Any specific suggestions?

Thank you.

Note: I get identical freezing behavior on a Google Pixel 4a. Keyboard works flawlessly on a iphone7 with garageband.