Me’ism We’ism You’ism

This is the age of isms.
ism   [iz-uhm] Show IPA
a distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice: This is the age of isms.
extracted from words with the suffix -ism
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a suffix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it was used to form action nouns from verbs (baptism); on this model, used as a productive suffix in the formation of nouns denoting action or practice, state or condition, principles, doctrines, a usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence, etc. (criticism; barbarism; Darwinism; despotism; plagiarism; realism; witticism; intellectualism).
Compare -ist, -ize.

< Gk -ismos, -isma n. suffixes, often directly, often through L -ismus, -isma, sometimes through F -isme, G -ismus (all ult. < Gk) Unabridged
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doctrine, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought
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ism (Ä­z’É™m)
n. Informal
A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory: “Formalism, by being an ‘ism,’ kills form by hugging it to death” (Peter Viereck).

[From -ism.]
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Ism, n. [See ism, above.] A doctrine or theory; especially, a wild or visionary theory. --E. Everett.
The world grew light-headed, and forth came a spawn of isms which no man can number. --S. G. Goodrich.
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a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school [syn: doctrine]
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interstellar medium
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I’m having a sh-ism.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

:laugh: Hi Jason, was that h followed by another h or an i? Well, never mind , I guess we'll thankfully never know!

it’s short for “shintoism.”

:laugh: yeah!