Now don't laugh too hard


After all, I’ve not been entirely myself lately. Just look at my picture.
But I actually recorded a song of sorts.

The guitars, drums, harmonica, and vox were all done with my rusty trusty “neighbor of the beast” EV 664.

I’m still the suckiest drummer on my side of town.

You Can’t Believe:

Recording everything through that one mic makes for a kinda cool lo-fi effect. And as far as your drumming, you’ve mixed em far enough in the background I can’t tell which side of town you’re in anyway. :agree:

so glad you’re posting tunes again. Always love your licks and lyric.

Sounds good Tom. Glad to hear you are on the mend! :agree:


Classic stuff, simple goodness, toe tappin, the harmonica is perfect, uh, the bass sounds good :laugh:

Nice Tom. It’s like Bob Dylan learned to sing AND play Harmonica. The low-fi effect is kinda cool! What drums? :laugh:

Those EV 664 mics are nice…
I was talking about them one day to the drummer guy I work with every day…
He used to use them on the stage when he was younger and played the bars…
The next day he showed at at my place with two of them…
Back then…
if you didn’t use a Shure VocalMaster PA System and EV 664 mics on your stage you just didn’t have what it took…

You talked about finding them at the Yard Sales in-and-around where you live…
Flint appears to be the Yard Sale Capital of the world…


Love it! :agree:

Very “Tom Spademan and the Heartbreakers”! :)

Glad yer on the mend!

Quote: (Bruffie @ Apr. 15 2009, 9:56 PM)

It's like Bob Dylan learned to sing AND play Harmonica.

...And play guitar!

Aw, shucks, youse guys is too nice.
This is a wretched piece donejust to get back to things.
On the other hand, I really like it.

I love those EV 664 mics (but I can live without the Shure “VocalDisaster” thank you very much).
I have three of them - one indeed a yard sale mic, Bill.
I have at least one of most of the early EV mics.
They are all great.
664 mics have the early version of the EV design with rear ports for the sound, so that they have essentially no proximity effect.
I have never learned out to “use” proximity effect, and this makes it really easy to place the mic.
That plus the large diaphram makes them great on guitars for a slightly vintage sound - but with a kind of clarity, since they are after all quality mics.

Hey Bruffie - Drums are my mostly garage sale kit - student Tama snare, the nice quick beat hats, fine sabian B8 student model cymbals, the rest is a recent upgrade, some Pearl student set of toms and kick.
The 664 is placed between the snare and hi hat up about a foot above the snare looking down.
I think it’s a great snare mic, actually, but it’s big as heck.
Heavy piece of metal.
Good in a home invasion.
I did cheat a bit and stuck a 2nd mic (an EV Cardinal) over my right shoulder.
But i figured that’d be OK since it is an EV…

But that’s more than anyone but me wanted to know, eh?

geoff - thanks - I used to be able to play, years ago…