Now this really is incredible....

Short video

Have a look.

Drummers, tell us, it’s not a trick, is it? He’s really playing? Amazing.

Humbled TB.

Wonder if I could hire him? I could pay with LEGOS… :D


He also has ear protection - good parents there. Talented little guy. :)

Yes, he’s playing. There’s quite a few videos of him out there. How much he progresses is another story. What he’s playing seems impressive because of his age but wouldn’t be if he was 13 and had only been playing a few weeks. I’m not discounting what he’s playing. It IS impressive for his age.

A kid put in front of a drum set at an early age can pick it up just as fast they could at a later age as long as they can hold the sticks and get to the pedals. The older they get the easier it is for them to figure out things though. At age 5 I’d say they would have had to have watched someone playing to SEE a few basics though. Jason Bonham supposedly played a few times with Led Zeppelin when he was about 5. I’m sure he had lots of chances to see a few basics.

My daughter could hold down a simple beat at age 5, but she didn’t get past that. On the other hand, my son couldn’t do anything at age 5, but by 9 he was banging along to LZ and AC/DC CDs, and getting the parts right. Now at 11 he’s playing guitar much better than the guitar player in his band. He can just pick up instruments and play them. I’m SO jealous! How much further he goes and how much better he gets will be interesting to watch.

Certainly could be real. My drum teacher was a guy named Vern Spivak Sr. Both of his kids learned at a very young age, and the youngest, Gary, was playing drums almost before he could walk. He soloed with the Northern Illinois University Jazz Band and Louie Belson when he was 6. He’d often be practicing when I went for my lesson (he was 8 then, I was 11) and “humbling” doesn’t begin to describe the effect on me. I also had a jazz director in college who’s doctoral work was development of a “Suzuki” type method of percussion training for the very young. So it is totally doable…

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