nTrack Drum Tutorial

I originally posted this at the end of another topic, and realized that particular topic had been pretty thourougly read and people may be skipping it now. Since I would really like some feedback on this, I’m going to post again as a new topic.

I made a tutorial on using n-track drums. It covers the basic stuff that seems to not be very well explained in the manual.

- Loading up the sound kit
- Creating patterns
- Saving patterns
- Controlling which patterns are played from n-Track using MIDI control messages
(I switch between 3 patterns of 2 lengths)
- Controlling the sounds using VST effects automation
(Listen for the crescendo on the cadence at the beginning and the panning back and forth of the chimes at the end)

If this is helpful, I may consider making some improvements to it - maybe even make a drum beat that doesn’t sound like a 3rd grader wrote it :laugh: . I put it together pretty quickly (while at the same time learning nDrums ??? ).


Let me know what you think.

listen, anything to get me in the right direction is appreciated…drums are my weakpoint…and with summer coming up and the wife home to mind the kids in the evening…i plan to put some serious time in…thanks for the effort…am dling it now…

I can’t get the link to work.
However, I am having some problems with the Ntrack forum not finding a new page when I select a topic to read and this could be more of that.

I can’t get the links to work either. BTW, that was a great tutorial HotDog. Thanks.

You’re very welcome. I am confused - which links don’t work? If you were able to see the tutorial you must not be talking about the links that point to it?


I can’t get either of the links to work - 404 page not found


Both links are working fine for me, and were yesterday also. There’s a good chance the problem is with a DNS server between y’all and the final google webserver…the sites not down and the links are good, but the road is blocked depending on where you’re coming from.


Thanks for that Phoo.
In light of what you said I did the “right click/save target as” thing, and it worked.
So I have both files on my desktop now.


Best guess is that they may just not seem like they’re working. They’re big files (one is a 3M PDF, the other a 1M MP3). So you click the link, nothing opens until they’ve downloaded completely. Depending on your connection that could be a few seconds or a few minutes. Right click and save on the other hand would probably show a progress indicator.