ntrack drum user created kits

can’t get them to work

I’m starting to get a handle on using ndrums, but I’d really like to try some of the user created drum kits (dk+ banks) that can be downloaded from the Nusofting web site. I can’t get ndrums to work with them. Has anbody else had any luck using these kits?


Yep … mine work fine and I used these instructions.

Put the files in the folder
C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins
-Track Drums\Library

Actually I should expand on that, I unpacked the complete folder so my directory looks like this

Put the files in the folder
C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins
-Track Drums\Library’drumkitname’

Yeah thats what I did too. Works fine for the drum banks that came as a part of the n-drum package. Did the same thing for the user created banks that I downloaded from the Nusofting web site. When I try to load these new banks, N-drums either produces an error messag like ‘can’t read this format’ or the kit appears to load, but n-drums don’t generate any sound.

The path to one user created banks that I downloaded to my PC is
C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins
-Track Drums\library\UCart Frogrock v3\bank.dk+. The drum samples associated with the bank are in the same subdirectory as bank.dk+

Gotta admit that the frogrock part of the name makes me a little skeptical about the bank.


I’ve been puzzled by this too: I installed a couple of the ones from the NuSofting site, but they don’t show up in the popup list of kits at the bottom of the N-Drums properties interface. I had assumed that they would automatically be added there when I put them in that folder.

In some cases, I can load an individual kit through the Load Banks menu, but not all of them work.



All of mine are working through load banks, and I’ve downloaded every single set.

I can alter the kit and create a user defined pattern for it, save it as a bank and recall with same setup but it will not show up in the kits tab and the pattern or the styles tab. Other than that works like a charm.


Well at least I know that it can work. That probably means PapaRomeo and I are doing something wrong. I’ll have to experiment some tonight.

It would really be helpful to pull all of the n-drum threads on the forum together to make a document to supplement the ndrums help/manual that comes with ntrack. There are lots of bits floating around in the forum, but anything beyond the most basic how-to stuff is really scattered. Maybe we could tie it with BubbaGump’s excellent midi tutorial.


This gets the Kit to appear using the kit tab. Rename the folder by placing a U infront of its name. It works. I’m assuming C or F will place it in Custom and Factory. Lets make sure we are on the same page here too. Can you give me the link for the extra drum kits you refer to. I have two zip files that I downloaded which are working.

User Library
On installation the User Library features only one kit as example, to add your own kit follow these simple instructions:
just put your kit (made of WAV files and the bank.dk+) in a new folder inside the “libray” folder located where the DK+ DLL is. Put a “U” at the beginning for new folder name
and your kit will be available by the DK+ menu in the “User Kits” section next time you open it.
NOTE the bank.dk+ file saved by the main MENU will hold both pads and pattern settings. Also you can save and export the pattern in many other ways, please refer to the DK+ manual for that.


This works.

If your adjusting the properties to create your own sound, you would save this through the banks menu then create a folder and name it something like UTSpringdrums and chuck that bank file in that folder, then it will appear in the kit tab under user.

Sorry to babble here, but when I really look into the nuts and bolts of this drum program it really is impressive.

Awhile back I purchased DR008 from Fxpansion for 90 bucks, nTrack drums is comparbale to this and actually has superior sequencing capability.

It’s kinda funny why this is in the background, almost like a hidden jewel,


I definitely agree that ndrums is a hidded jewel. It is a MAJOR addition to ntrack package. It sounds great and has tremendous potential. The underlying technology is state of the art (64 bit processing.

But drums aren’t all that easy in any case. Nah, lets be honest. For me they are bloody difficult to do right. And the crappy ndrums documentation helps create a steep learning curve. Plus, there are so many features and context sensitive menus tucked away. It is going to make me ages to really figure this thing out. It looks so simple on the surface…


EDIT: Didn’t get a chance to try your suggestions last night. Maybe tonight.

Add me to the N-Drums bandwagon – once we get this all figured out and properly documented, it’s going to be a huge bonus! I was contemplating spending $100+ on JamStix, but I think I can make N-Drums do nearly everything I need.


Here’s a crucial detail I had overlooked at first: The bank files with several of those downloadable kits from the NuSofting site need to be renamed (from “newdrumkitname.dk+” to “bank.dk+”) before they will be recognized.

So every new kit folder needs to include the required samples, plus a file named "bank.dk+"

StuH: It works! I tried adding “U” to the new kits’ folder names and lo and behold, there they were in the “User” pop up menu – but they won’t show up there unless the samples and a properly named “bank.dk+” file are present in the folder.


I cannot find these extra kits you guys are talking about.

I have something called ntrackdrumkits(21,890kb) obviously this is not the extras you are talking about.


Look here

Dk+ Drum Users Page


I’ve got the ‘frogrock’ drumkit working now. It isn’t completely clear why the kit didn’t work after my first trials. I think that it had to do with the method I was using to load banks, styles, rhythms, sounds, and presets (also called effects banks?). You can load banks, styles, rhythms, and sounds from the menu button at the upper left corner of the ndrum window. At bottom of the ndrum window, the ‘kit’ drop-down menu lists the same items that are called ‘sounds’ in upper menu button. I think that different things happen when you load from the two different places. (eg. loading one way loads patterns but not wave samples, loading another way loads both, etc.). I will pass along more information as I figure it out.

There are over 180 megabyte in the GSCW_drums samples mentioned on the DK+ Drum Users Page, and this appears to be a highly nuanced set of samples. But the instructions for how to set up the libary for these samples are really lacking. A virtual beer to the first person who can figure out how to get ndrums to use the GSCW kit.

I also noted a set trumpet samples on the DK+ web page. Apparently n-drums can play all kinds of wave samples, provided they are properly set up and related to a bank. Seems like it ought to work fairly well in this role, as there is a lot of control available for each hit.


FYI, the files for GSCW are no longer at the link referenced on the dk+ site.

You’ll find them here: