ntrack install error

I have a new computer running xp and my version 3.3 will not install. I get an error message that says "The system file is not suitable for running MS DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose “close” to terminate the application."
Can anyone help. Support has not returned my email?
I enclosed a link of a Word doc. with a print screen image of what the window loos like.


thx harveybinstall error


See if this helps. There may be other reasons for the error as well. The problem is with the old installer V3 was using and WinXp RTM (first release). N-Tracks is fine once it’s installed on WinXp. I think the problem is fixed in WinXp SP1 or SP2.

This should help:


A tip to all… type a few words of error messages like this into google and you are sure to find a solution.


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the last set of instructions on the MS support site that was suggested worked. Thanks for all the help