nTrack Mobile Studio

I just installed nTrack Studio Mobile on a Samsung S23 device.
The audio interface I’m using is Joyo Momix Pro.
I’m on nTrack Studio Mobile Standard month-to-month subscription plan.
My goal is to play various pieces of music using my keyboard on separate tracks and finally create a mix down.
Facing one challenge. How does one prevent an already recorded track to get written on a new track.
E.g. On Track A, I only have a beat pattern as a reference.
On Track B, I want play melody from my keyboard while listening to the beats on Track A. Evidently the feed from Track A is getting recorded on Track B.
How to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to independently record tracks and then export a mix-down? Do I need to upgrade to a different subscription plan with nTrack?

You don’t need to upgrade to a different subscription. Check out this FAQ on track bleeding
If you’re using an external audio device, then you may need to adjust some settings with the external device to set it to not record from its own inputs. I’ve never tested a Joyo Momix Pro, I gave a quick look at the user guide and it mentions very briefly a ‘loopback’ mode, which might possibly be what is causing your issue.